Identity Areas | Lucia Serrano Pereira


Lucia Serrano Pereira1

At first sight, a set, three photos and a certain dislodgement effect happens immediately: I recognize it / I don’t recognize it, where to achor the sight? Colors and reflexes that disturb shapes, but, wait, is it really the dish rack, the most intimate and trivial item in a house, a family house? Not at all, these are odd fans, distant ones, mirrored ones; they are times for resting, washed and drained; they are the echoes, the reamins of childhood mess and colorful vibration.

The images that the artist Sílvia Giordani gathers and presents us with her work “Identity Areas” allow unusual crossings, a fine tuning with life features (and in her work) presented in profusion, piled up, ordered or blended, features that matter  when it comes to identifying. It is from this matter that human is made of, in its most daily way, in its incredible aspect details have to reveal a particular thing, the “nature” of a life. And there is the repetition, the multiplying game, the circuits reissued, is there anything that tell more about oneself than our beled and hated repetitions?

But still, the derangement – will it all fit into the vessel we have to cross a day (our bodies, for example?)

The interesting thing about the web involving each one of us with her features, her objects, her remains, the reflexes that blend and bring forth compositions, has to do subjacently, with what is produced on them and that questions us. It is when “what we gaze, gazes us back”, a quote from Georges Didi-Huberman2 when making a point of the power of the object has to inquire us (and here we add – the objects produced under the lens of the artist). Magic happens, as in “Identity Areas”, in an operation paradoxically simple and complex, through the glimpse of an eye that rescues the speck of riddle and mystery from where we move along everyday without realizing it.

1Post-doctoral in Psychology – Psychoanalysis, UFRGS, Doctor in Literature, UFRGS and Master in Literature, UFRGS. Member of Association Lacanienne International and Associação Psicanalitica de Porto Alegre.

DIDI-HUBERMAN, Georges. O que vemos, o que nos olha. Tradução de Paulo Neves. São Paulo: Ed. 34, 1998.